Sunday, February 20, 2011

Controlling the Mind

Our Mind is the most powerful tool in creation. The study of mind can be done in two ways.
One is by using external instruments which will present data on the functioning of the physical brain.
On the other hand, studying the conscious mind through the conscious mind itself will help in understanding its functioning mode!

It is with intelligence that intelligence can be studied! All knowledge gained by applying the intelligence to study the intelligence grants immense awareness of its functioning.
Nature and its nature become crystal clear! The action of Mind becomes predictable and the human race will transform to a Golden era, if all mankind are spontaneously made to travel on this journey!

Spontaneity is the path of the journey

Functioning of the mind without any effort or undue pointed concentration is the true meaning of spontaneity. It is through spontaneity, one can travel inside the mind.Any conscious effort to make the mind creative leads to confusion and the result is disastrous.

Although an initial effort to switch to a restful mode is necessary, further pressure is to be discarded to go deeper in thought. This exercise of the mind tunes up its strength to switch on and off at will!!

It is important that this practice must just happen and be allowed to develop into a mode of spontaneous habit!

Can the function of Mind be probed without any external gadget ?

Probing can be generalized to mean 'To measure or to ascertain the strength or volume by going deeper.'
This act done using any external gadget throws light on the function of the mind theoretically. The values are displayed and read by us visually. This has no practical value for understanding consciousness.

On the other hand, probing done without the aid of external gadgets happens with concentration of the Mind.

Concentration to switch off the external view and sound leads one to the inner probing of the mind. Conscious switching off  of the external focus facilitates being aware of the functioning of the mind. Although this is possible, there are chances of dozing off to sleep after a short period of switching off the external awareness. 

It is interesting to note that sleep can be evaded by switching to a creative mode of thinking!  In other words, the mind and body can be made to relax by adopting a busy attitude but one that is creative and engaging to the mind. When mind is rested through a creative activity, one can activate the probing function effortlessly!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The journey of introspection

As we proceed on the act of introspection, we experience traveling into the deep recess of the mind. We experience first the silence and then the stillness that exists deep inside. The stillness and formless experience will continue as long as our focus is on the depth or the deep. It is a state where the foundation of Nature exists and one can continue to rest in that stillness.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Igniting the spark to go within

Each one of us are constantly in pursuit of keeping busy. Some are busy in a mechanical way. Like being  busy in a routine- going to office, attending to the daily work responsibilities, getting back home, attending to home routine going to sleep and starting all over again the next morning.

Some of us create a challenging atmosphere to go through the same routine by pumping enthusiasm into whatever we pursue in our lives.

So it seems that we create or meekly go through the days of our lives either mechanically or enthusiastically. That is all!

If we try to become introspective of this daily routine, a spark gets ignited in our brain and the physical body.

Once this spark of introspection is ignited, Man develops the power of anticipation! In other words, Man experiences flowering of deeper attributes like  creativity, courage, compassion, determination and wisdom to act logically and understand the meaning and consequence of his actions!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seek to peek into the Infinite

We all know that success is the result of perseverance. So, when we continue to try and observe our thoughts, over a period of practice, we experience the slowing down of the thought process.

On continuing this practice, we are sure to arrive at the point of being a witness to the flow of thoughts!
It is a fascinating experience and our interest at going deeper into analyzing the origin and flow- origin and flow of thoughts in our mind gains momentum!

The result is a wonderful feeling of  oneness with all in Nature!!

Therefore we can infer that: One can peek into the infinite, when the flow of thoughts becomes zero!

The law of expansion

Exploring  space through the human mind is fascinating. When one explores the infinite nature of the mind with complete abandon, there is a practical accomplishment of expansion!

Expansion of our view of the entire universe! Our thoughts are part of universe and one can imagine the unlimited quantum of the thoughts. In other words, Universe comprises infinite thoughts!!

One can have a peek at this universe, when we apply brakes on the flow of thoughts!! The real scenery of the Infinite Nature is exposed when the thought process comes to a stop!

The experience of looking at Nature after applying a full stop (period)  to thoughts is to be tasted to be believed!!

The law of expansion( of real awareness) is directly proportional to the quantum of reduction in  the flow of  thoughts in the human mind!!