Sunday, August 2, 2009

One has to be humble as a person to tread the path into the human consciousness.

Humble at all times and under all circumstances! Truth and Humility should act as our two legs in our travel on the path of infinity!

If we succeed in the above, our journey into deep awareness proceeds at a fast pace. Success follows a person who is humble in spite of being an achiever in his chosen Field.

Nature's choice is always based on character of the individual. One who chooses to discard selfish thoughts and cares for others feelings attracts Nature!
These positive qualities make us eligible to witness numerous miracles and lead a fulfilled life. Others in society benefit from such individuals.

The path to unravel the secrets of Nature is a life long process. But Nature treats us periodically with various gifts of peace, health, prosperity, cheerfulness and a great heart!!

The journey of our lives proceed with good health, peace, prosperity and pleasantly. We derive strength to face equanimously all experiences that come our way on our journey on earth.

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