Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a great secret! I have stumbled on a great secret for success! My, My, this idea must fetch me a fortune! I should use the idea first and then sell it to others! and make more money! I should be able to live in luxury all my life and many more lives if I live! Wow! what a piece of splendid idea! I will buy myself a villa with all the luxuries one can imagine and live a life to my heart's content! I will set an example as to how one should lead his life! Every one should be able to use my idea and be successful and rich!

Well my dear friends this is the thought pattern of every human being! He wants to set an example! Example to make money and live happily ever after!

Man is after success of his desires. Desires born out of greed! And greed always is a great misleader! because, Man uses too much of his logical thinking!

Logical thinking must originate from our Heart! Only then our thoughts will be truly logical for the heart never misleads but the Mind definitely does!!

So, we have to be very very cautious and check whether we are implementing our ideas and plans after cross-checking with our own Heart!!!

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