Thursday, July 30, 2009

We spoke about Nature as a Giver and Man as the Receiver.

Well, can Man be a Giver? Why not! He can be a Giver. What can he Give?
Man can become a Giver, if he shares what he has with others. May be he helps a less fortunate human being
monetarily. May be he helps someone who is sick by paying for his treatment. May be he helps a poor person by buying some food and clothes and so on and so forth.

This certainly makes Man a giver and can be called compassionate. But, the question is, Is he qualified to be called compassionate?

The answer is yes, provided, he gives from his Heart without any egoistical thoughts attached to it.

Many people in our society consider it a fashion to donate! They invite the press and the act is published along with photographs in the Newspapers.

For some this is routine business and a way of life. Well this act of giving does not amount to Giving at all!

Only when Giving happens without the knowledge of others and the act is carried out of real love for others, the giving qualifies as Real Giving.

And what is the result of Real Giving?

Well as many of us have experienced, Nature showers such people with Abundance of Abundance!

Nature does not publish what she gives everyone!!

This is why, It is important human beings should look towards Nature for all guidance.

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