Monday, July 13, 2009

Where is the source of the thoughts? How are thoughts formed?
There are times when thoughts flow continuously. And there are also instances when no words can be found to express.

The Mind seems to go blank. Most of us have experienced such a situation.

This gives rise to the important question- Where do thoughts come from?

Assuming that our Brain which we call as Mind is the source of thoughts, what happened to the Brain or the Mind during instances of thought failure or the so called Memory failure.

Sometimes the Brain or the Mind is called as a Reservoir of thoughts. If it is truly so, there must be continuous flow of thoughts without any interruption. But there are instances when no words are found to express. In other words, Man is dumbfound.

This happens when thoughts originate from the ego. Ego is nothing but assumptions- of knowledge, the all knowing attitude, self centeredness and most important unwilling to reason and to listen to others opinions who are also a part of Nature.

Is it possible to transcend this all damaging ego ? Yes, it is!

All one has to do is to think through the heart! How can one think through the heart? One might wonder. Well the secret is to be compassionate and loving towards others.

When Compassion and Love is developed in one's heart, all thoughts generated in our mind flow uninterruptedly!!!

You can try it out. You will be pleasantly surprised that it is truly so!!

So where is the true Mind? The true Mind is in our Heart! When the thoughts originating in our Brain are acted upon (or sent out ) through our Heart, thoughts so sent out get magnetised by the love and compassionate character of the Heart and thereby facilitates free flow of words from our Brain.

This is the reason Jesus and other great saints and masters propagate love and compassion. Because love and compassion opens up our heart which in-turn opens up the numerous cells in our brain spontaneously and thereby increasing our Brain's capability to understand the Secrets of Nature.

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